Join Our 1st Year Anniversary Auction (& Party) on 4/20!


Can you believe it has been 1 year since Flamingo Handshake’s first live auction? What started as an offshoot from the first HandyCon’s auction (as well as a response to has turned into a regular monthly live auction.

But it is more than a live auction, always has been, and always will be.

Entering the arena, and we ask:



So - and at this auction on April 20, 2022, will mark one year since we kicked things off.

So - for those who have joined us - know - we like to have fun at these auctions.

Top Quality HNS TLDs on Auction

Of Course - on top of the entertainment, we bring the “goods” with amazing names - here is the lineup for this first year anniversary auction.
But on top of that - because you already know we bring the top premium names to the table -

Epic Things at The One Year Anniversary Auction

Here are a few of the ways we will make this one even more special - to celebrate the one year, as well as to celebrate Handshake’s continued PERSEVERANCE and GROWTH even in the face of the doubters and haters.

  • Chjango joining us again on stage! Last month’s HandyCon auction was a lot of fun, and we credit a lot of that to the charismatic Chjango Unchained! She will be up on stage joining us with some tricks up her sleeve to engage bidders and have some interaction. Don’t worry, the regulars will also be there, encrypted and skyinclude and anne !
  • Physical products for Handshake - Last month the HNS Rug by MigsMachine was auctioned off as a fun way to end it. This time we are continuing the addition of physical goods and have some fun things to show off, with drawings and gifts as well.

Here are those rugs!

Stay tuned for more info about the online shop and hear from MigsMachine himself!


  • Debut of our online auction marketplace! During the thirteenth Flamingo Handshake auction, we will also show off our new market. Many have wanted their amazing names to also be included in the live auction but due to time and capacity we couldn’t entertain all. Now - we are putting in place an evergreen online auction that will happen 24/7/365. Already lining some up to launch at the live auction, so look forward to giving those attending first access and special perks. (Note, are you a HNS TLD Seller and want to list on our new marketplace? Read about the escrow process here.

Here’s a screenshot - and will be introducing it during the live auction:

  • And just lots of fun & entertainment & a platform for others to announce - do you have a product or service in the Handshake ecosystem you’d like to announce? We want to share the stage, plug your product or service, and use this monthly live auction as a way to showcase the DECENTRALIZED community’s hard work. Let us know and we can help spotlight (our auctioneers have final discretion and time allowance)

Sounds intriguing?

Then Join us - *** FOR FREE **** we are still not charging anything - no white list, no NFT, no HNS SLD required (hint: YET) to join these Flamingo Handshake live auctions. Which are way more than just a boring bidding war - they are ENTERTAINMENT.

RSVP free - and see you there!

Wednesday, April 20 (4/20), 2022 at 4pm PST (San Francisco time).

And bring popcorn, and your HNS , it will be epic.