Moving Auction 7 Date From Oct 20 to Nov 3

Due to the overwhelmly positive response from the Auction 6 of Flamingo handshake at NamesCon in September - we are still onboarding and working with some of the winners on settlement.

Normally the auction settlement is 1 week, 2 weeks max - but because we had many new participants joining the Handshake community (awesome!) it also meant a lot of various learning and setup needed.

As we still have to finish some of the name settlement - and the auction 7 was penciled in for next week - Oct 20 - we decided to push it back 2 weeks to make sure we settle all the auctions from the previous auction before entering the next .

So update your calendars - and see you Nov 3, 4pm PST (our regular auction time again)

Thanks again for your support and patience - and let’s keep growing the Handshake awareness through live auctions.