Adding Masterminds To the Flamingo Handshake Auction Event - handshake.mastermind/ !

We love the live auctions and the community of attendees enjoys it each time. We want to add on to this monthly event an additional section -

Handshake.mastermind/ !

We feel the community needs more networking and collaboration - and there were discussions on when/how to do it - and the idea came on -

Why not just piggyback on the auction and host a mastermind right after!

Here's Mike Michelini from Flamingo Handshake to tell you exactly how this will go:

So here’s the idea - we are hosting the live auctions in Airmeet, and people are enjoying them - so after the auction wraps up - we will move to table mode where we can network and connect with each other.

Various tables will be there - and even those who may not be interested to be involved in the Flamingo Handshake live auction can schedule to arrive towards the start of the handshake.mastermind/

These will be small groups of virtual tables where you can network. If you have a table topic you’d like to use - please let us know in advance and we can name it for you.

The idea and hope is - people can make new connections, as well as strengthen existing relationships during this time.

So catch you at the next auction - and in the networking and mastermind tables immediately following!