Become an Live, Online Auctioneer For Flamingo Handshake

Do you enjoy our Flamingo Handshake live auctions and want to hop up on stage with us and help auctioneering these HNS grail names?

Due to frequent requests, we have standardized this process and have the following format:

Have Audio and Video On - this is a fun, online auction, and auctioneers need to be comfortable on camera. Your hardware as well as your interest to be online streaming with audio and video is a requirement.

Wear our Flamingo Handshake glasses (Optional but encouraged) - this is becoming part of the fun and the brand.

Have attended our auctions in the past - while you don’t get the full experience until you’re up on stage, we do prioritize applicants that have attended our events as an attendee so that they can get an understanding of it. If not, you can watch our various recordings, such as:

We will compensate you for your auctioneering on a case by case basis and your interest to do this should not be purely about the compensation but also the energy and fun of the actual event.

Contact Flamingo Handshake today to learn more and get this process started.