This is a private group of Handshake enthusiasts whose goal is to:

  • Bring top quality, premium Handshake TLDs to the market for live auctions
  • Raise awareness of the Handshake blockchain project
  • Bring in new buyers and communities to the Handshake project
  • Raise money for the growing community and foundations.
  • Have some fun!

It is not:

  • Meant to be a low-quality spam fest of every name people submit
  • A get rich quick scheme to pump and dump a coin or a set of domains
  • A “job” to the community for those organizing it.

Please email them to escrow@flamingohandshake.com

For Sellers:

This is an exclusive, premium, auction which purpose is to take the top quality TLDs and introduce handshake to new people in the ecosystem. While we do like to have submissions from the community, we are under no obligation to accept your TLD.

For Buyers/Bidders:

Yes! We know it is hard to have everyone live at the event. We can discuss your bid as a proxy - but keep in mind we need to verify you to ensure you are a true buyer and reserve the right not to accept proxy bids where we do not feel comfortable.
We have an email list you can subscribe to - or wait until the Airmeete link is published on the site to signup.