SLD Settlement Guide

Guide for sending to escrow (seller):

cSLD (centralized SLDs)
We prefer Porkbun, and you can push to our "shadstone" username

Their guide:

If from Gateway, right now you need to first use Auth code (like a web2 domain) and push to our Porkbun. Provide our escrow team your auth code and we will process it.

dSLD (decentralized SLDs)
Please send to our Ethereum wallet, address will be provided in email

Guide for receiving SLDs from our escrow (buyer):

cSLDs (centralized SLD domains)
We prefer Porkbun, please provide us your porkbun account UserID. If you do not have one, it is free to signup 🙂

dSLDs (decentralized domains)
This is newly developing, but right now it is on Ethereum - and we will push to you "free" as the seller pays the gas fees on eth. Please provide an ethereum wallet address (ie MetaMask). If you need help, we can make more guides.