Funds For Fundraising During Auctions

Want to learn more about the different funds that receive a percentage of the auction proceeds? Here’s a running list of the names, logos, descriptions, and other information on them:

HNS Fund

HNS Fund is a community run development fund. It is the only source of non-VC, non-dilutive grants funding in the HNS community. Our goal is to support and empower our fellow open source developers and creators in their mission to create a free and open internet on the dweb.

HNS Fund was created out of the need to source funding and coordinate builders within the HNS community because there is no Handshake Foundation, founding team, etc.

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Handshake Institute

The Handshake Institute was created to make Handshake (opens new window)the primary DNS root zone and certificate authority of the internet for a more inclusive and resilient web.

We use our funding to empower organizations, teams, and individuals to join us in that goal.

The Handshake Institute is an advocacy and educational non-profit organization. The Handshake Institute works to promote decentralization through Handshake, but does so independently and it has no control over the Handshake protocol.

Handshake has no official singular Foundation, Committee, Corporation or Institute in permanent control of the protocol. We provide support in cooperation with other organizations in the spirit of true decentralization.

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DWeb Foundation

dWeb Foundation is a community-organized effort charting the frontier toward a decentralized internet, with handshake at the root.

We are supporters of the early decentralized internet, aiming to 1build (dWeb) integrations, 2create secondary and tertiary layer infrastructure, 3incubate a new generation of pioneers.

A private, secure, person-to-person web, "locked open", made possible by incoercible trust protocols and decentralized apps.

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Pirate God handshake Marketing

Battling the the trade winds that rattle our HNS ships, confronting whalers and recruiting whales.

We scope rising tides where the digital oceans meet the blockchain rivers, with black powder filled kegs we sail forth… cannons on target and loaded blasting messaging that tears through the HNS naysayers objections who claim the pirate values of sovereignty and consensus will never dethrone the false gods in control of the legacy realms.

Hear. Hear. Aye. Aye. Let’s raise a rum and keep shush this is PSYOPS we’ll call DSA*

The Handshake treasure will grow the more we all do to strengthen our blockchain with apps and appeal, now get back to work, more to come later and more to reveal.

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Bob wallet Development

Desktop application for DNS management and name auctions on Handshake.

  • Search and bid on names
  • Manage domains and DNS records
  • Send, Receive, and Claim your HNS
  • Run a full Handshake node
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Flamingo Handshake

This is a private group of Handshake enthusiasts whose goal is to:

  • Bring top quality, premium Handshake TLDs to the market for live auctions
  • Raise awareness of the Handshake blockchain project
  • Bring in new buyers and communities to the Handshake project
  • Raise money for the growing community and foundations.
  • Have some fun!

It is not:

  • Meant to be a low-quality spam fest of every name people submit
  • A get rich quick scheme to pump and dump a coin or a set of domains
  • A β€œjob” to the community for those organizing it.
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Some of the funds and sellers want to have a percentage go towards Flamingo Handshake to support the team here in the auctions and what we are building in the community.

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