Flamingo Handshake Auction at NamesCon, Sept 24, 2021

We are excited to say that we there will be a Flamingo Handshake auction happening during the NamesCon on day 3 of the event, September 24, 2021!

We are still focused on finishing our fifth Flamingo Handshake auction this week, Aug 18, 2021 - and once this is done we will be focused on gathering names and input for the September auction happening with Namescon.

Read about the Handshake track at Namescon here


And show your support of Handshake by purchasing a ticket and attending the event.

Some FAQ and questions

When do submissions start?

Friday August 20

Where to submit listings?


Deadline to submit is 1 week before the auction. And the names must be received in our escrow account 5 days before the auction, else we will delist them from the auction list and PDF booklet.

Rules / FAQ:

What names can be submitted?

  • We focus on and prefer emoji, but do accept other top of the line, premium non-emoji as well.
  • For emojis submitted - IDNA emoji only - The emoji are IDNA official emoji, and we use this verification method - https://flamingohandshake.com/verify/

So we have one submission pending for .x/ so do want to keep this open for non-emoji, but only the top quality non-emoji.

Need to register?

We encourage registration so people do not forget (Airmeet)

How many names/Emoji will be auctioned?

We focus on quality names over quantity - but expect between 15 to 20 names in total.

How long will the auction run?

We estimate the auction will run for 1.5 to 2 hours