Flamingo Handshake 14th Live Auction

Who is excited for June’s upcoming Flamingo Handshake live auction!?

So much to do - on top of the normal - AMAZING premium handshake names.

The names up for auction are:

But on top of that -

Percentage of Proceeds Going to dWeb Foundation to Fund the Opera Browser Integration

Since we started these Flamingo handshake auctions, they have been more than flipping names - but raising money for the community. And this June’s auction is a specific case - we are very close to having the funds needed to fund the Opera Browser Integration - but just need a bit more to hit that target.

So the team at Flamingo Handshake will be taking the normal foundation proceeds raised and putting that towards the Opera Browser integration - which is being headed up by the dWeb Foundation.

Adding Even more Swag + Products + Giveaways

People love the Flamingo Handshake glasses, the MigsMachines β€œrugs”, and more products are coming our way.

  • Erwin, from the lapel pins - has sent us some and we will have some contests for them.
  • DWebASAP has been active in the community and is launching a web shop for various NFTs - one being TheAlienBoy’s FOCK hats and will have some products to show off and white list.


And more announcements as well! SkyInclude registrar and more.

Mastermind Roundtables afterwards

And of course once the auction is wrapped up, we will use the Airmeet’s round table function to allow the attendees to jump into tables and network.

See You All There - Free & Open As Always

These Flamingo handshake auctions are free and open - as always - so no real excuse not to make it. Learn some new things happening in the community, and bid on some names, raise money for more adoption, and mastermind together.

See you there - Wednesday June 29 at 4pm PST (SF time) - RSVP free at flaminohandshake.com.